This month we've chosen 3 winners! Congratulations to the authors of 'Mommy's Choice', 'Your Dad, My Dads' and 'The Spirit Behind Cystic Fibrosis'.

Mommy's Choice
'Mommy's Choice' is a tough but important book. It's a thoughtful treatment of a very emotional and difficult subject. This book was created for parents and children who are facing a difficult time and who are looking for answers.

Your Dad, My Dads
'Your Dad, My Dads' is an adorable book about different types of family structures with an important messages of 'whatever your family structure looks like, it's your family and they love you so!'.

The Spirit Behind Cystic Fibrosis
'The Spirit Behind Cystic Fibrosis' is a wonderful book about Cystic Fibrosis. This author shows us what it is like to live with this genetic disease and how it's important to stay as positive as possible.

All of these books provide us with the message that there are many different situations that families and people are experiencing in their lives and these important books help us learn from another person's perspective.


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