Thinking about using My Storybook with your students? Find out how educators can effectively integrate My Storybook into the classroom or library.

My Storybook allows students to engage in literacy in a creative and fun way and provides educators with the ability to tie multiple subjects together through the art of story telling.

Looking for ways to keep your children educationally stimulated this summer?

When I was in grade school I hated when my mom tried to keep me “sharp” during the summer breaks. I had to read the newspaper every day and pick 3 articles to summarize and then write a couple of my own news articles. It always felt like work and I hated it. I would have loved for that work to be fun! Luckily with where we are in the digital world right now, this is possible! There are so many great resources out there that allow kids to keep ...

This month we've chosen 3 winners! Congratulations to the authors of 'Mommy's Choice', 'Your Dad, My Dads' and 'The Spirit Behind Cystic Fibrosis'.

Mommy's Choice
'Mommy's Choice' is a tough but important book. It's a thoughtful treatment of a very emotional and difficult subject. This book was created for parents and children who are facing a difficult time and who are looking for answers.

Your Dad, My Dads
['Your Dad, My Dads'](

Congratulations to our winner, hndearing, who wrote "It's Not Goodbye It's See You Later!" We will be in contact with hndearing by email to reward her with her prize!

It's Not Goodbye It's See You Later
This adorable book is about a 9 year old girl who faces the tough time of missing her bestfriend when she leaves to go to Mexico.

We chose this book as our winner because of the thought that went into the design of the book (characters, settings and props) and also because of the great message of the importance of friendship and that just because you're saying bye doesn...

Young authors have so much imagination and creativity to share with all of us, however it can be hard for them to structure all their ideas into a cohesive and engaging story. This is why it’s important to help guide them in a way that allows them to be creative but also provides them with some sort of structure to follow.

Here are 5 important elements a great story should have!

1. Start with a BANG

Opening a s...

Every month we will be giving a free e-book to the author who writes the best storybook. You could be the next winner!

monthly author contest

We have been keeping up with all the great storybooks that have been created and we think it's about time to start awarding some of the best authors.

Every month we will select a storybook that we feel is the most creative and engaging! The winner will receive a free e-book for that story, however if that author has already purchased the book then they will receive th...

Three powerful strategies for teaching narrative structure (for all ages)

Today we're going to look at three strategies for teaching narrative to young writers. These strategies are straightforward ways to assess someone's understanding of a narrative's structure, and they also help students get better at creatively structuring their own narratives.

1. Traditional Cloze Exercises

A cloze exercise is a tool that is commonly used for assessing a child's ability to "fill in the gaps" in a story.

A very basi...

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